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塑膠射出 模具射出

Mold Develop” -> “Precision Injection Molding”, Provide consistent service.

Assessment Service for Plastic Products
1. Develop & Assess for new product.
2. Assess for drawing.
3. Assess for real goods.
Welcome for calling, fax or email.
TEL: 04-26862423      well Hsu =中文 Chi-Hung,Hsu
FAX: 886-4-26862478

Required basic information of Product Development :
1. Please provide real goods or design drawing (3D drawing file or 2D drawing).
2. Estimated order quantity or estimated yearly quantity.
3. Surrounding components & used & Relative specifications requirements of the product.


Development Process for New Product
•  Product Design
•  Quick Mold Making
•  Mold Design & Development
•  Injection Molding for all kinds of materials
•  QC inspect & pack

Professional factory for Plastic Injection Products & Plastic Injection Molds.

* OEM/ODM procession for the Plastic Goods of Precision Electric Components, 3C Shells, Home Appliances, Medical Equip, Communication Apparatus, Food, Computer Peripherals, M/C Parts, Auto & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, & Cosmetics.


Lon-so plastic injection molding co.,LTD
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No.66, Lane 26, Chongyi 3rd Rd., Dajia Town, Taichung County 437, Taiwan