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塑膠射出 模具射出

Mold Production Dept (5 sets of Vertical Milling M/C, 3 sets of Electric Discharge M/C, 1 set of Flat Grinding M/C, 1 set of Lath and relative machinery.)


Mold Dept (CNC Procession) Mold Dept (Electric Discharge Procession) Mold Dept (Grinding Procession)

Mold Dept (Milling M/C Procession)

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

Mold Dept (Lathe Procession)

Precision Plastic Injection Mold

Injection Mold

  West Germany Precision Block / Precision Block Plastic Injection Mold Precision Plastic Injection Mold

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