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塑膠射出 模具射出


Company Location :  

1.Get off from terminal of National Freeway No. 4 (toward the direction of Ching Hsuei, Ta Chia) Tai Yi Line (toward Ta Chia) Pass Ta Chia Stream Bridge Pass the 2 nd traffic light (Chung Yi 3 rd Road) and then turn left Turn right in the 1 st block (No. 66, Lane 26).

2.Get off Middle 2 nd Highway from Ta Chia communicating way go straight about 2 kilo to connect Tai Yi Line (toward the direction of Ching Hsuei) Go straight 1 kilo to connect Chung Yi 3 rd Road and turn right turn right at the 1 st road (No. 66, Lane 26).

3.Taipei (taking 90 min) Tachia Town, Taichung Kaohsiung (taking 120 min).



Lon-so plastic injection molding co.,LTD
TEL:+886-(0)4-26862423 | FAX:+886-(0)4-26862478 | 
No.66, Lane 26, Chongyi 3rd Rd., Dajia Town, Taichung County 437, Taiwan