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塑膠射出 模具射出


Factory occupied 600 pings and OA office.

Molding Production (adapted MOOG Closed Circuit System from Germany)

Automated Sucking Production

Horizontal Take-Out Array

Manual Making – 120 ton Embedded Making –55 ton

Molding Production – (Mold Storage) Precision Vertical Injection Molding Production – (Mold Storage)

Plastic Die Test Mold

Procession Equipment-50ton-Semi-closed Circuit System Precision Injection

Molding Production – (Servo Motor Drive Mold Take-out)

Procession Equipment – Hybrid High-Speed High-Pressure Quick Injection-210ton

5-Step Injection Speed & Pressure/Pressure-kept 4-step Setup


Procession Equipment – Precision Plastic Injection Molding-100ton

6-Step Injection Speed & Pressure/Pressure-kept 4-step Setup


Procession Equipment – Precision High-speed Thin-object Precision Injection

Micro-computer Precision Digital Control Computer System


Drafting Design Office

  Owner's Office

Molding Factory Demo (5 sets of Vertical Milling M/C, 3 sets of Electric Discharge M/C, 1 set of Flat Grinding M/C, 1 set of Lath and relative machinery.)


Molding Production – Dehumidifier) Molding Production –Oil-temperature M/C

Molding Production

Accumulator Measuring Height Gauge Material Restoring Area – First Come First Out

Precision Plastic Shells Production

Electric Plastic Components Production

Precision Plastic Industrial Components Production 3C Plastic Shells Production

Peripheral Equipment Mechanical Property

Mold Oil-Temperature M/C (tolerance within 1%)
Cup-shape Material Dehumidifier
Vacuum Auto Material Filling M/C
Take-out Robot
Auto Crasher
Mold Storage Rack
Packing Examining Platform
Air Compressor
Storage Rack
Cooling M/C
Movable Baking-object Dehumidifier
Mixing M/C

MOOG High-response Servo Valve, Closed Circuit System from Germany
Excellent feature of High Injection Speed, High Injection Speed / Injection Speed 400mm/sec
All Auto ROBOT
All Material Tanks Dehumidifier
Vertical Injection M/C
4-cylinder Injection System
Temperature Control: PID temperature auto-adjust
5-step Injection Speed / Pressure Setup
PC-BASE Controller System
Switch Mold → Potentiometer
Injection Position → Resistor

QC Equipment Color-matching Equipment

Mold Thermometer +/- 1%
Thermo-Hygrometer +/-1%
Hardness Tester (A)
Vernier Caliper
QC Recorder
Electric Vernier Caliper
Electric Scale +/- 0.2g
Thickness Gauge
Tool Microscope
Height Gauge
Block Gauge

Gloss Tester
Color Meter
Color Assessment Cabinet
Standard Pantone


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